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Software & Data bases

The Professional Service for the elaboration of proposals guarantees besides being up to date on legislation requirements, the use of vanguard software that will allow you to reschedule acquisitions. You will bid projects for the Mexican Government using the most advanced software without wasting resources until you awarded the contract.

The bid documents are: list of concepts, project schedules, unit price analysis, supplementary unit prices, listings of technical and economic information, analysis of indirect costs, financing, profit and complementary costs analysis.

Documents are submitted in electronic files: Opus Ole & AEC10, Excel / Word, Primavera Project Planner (special service) and Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF files)

Each client has their own databases; also, you can provide your own approach to the project asking only for elaboration of documents according your particular information.

Cost information comes from your own suppliers or you can decide to make use of costs databases like Bimsa. Discounts and special unit prices the client wants to keep in confidence will be able to submit as a generic cost.

Very important: a bid requiring specialists, laboratories, unique materials or furniture, permits, etc., considered special case; the client will provide this information.

Last update: March 22, 2012