Expertise Software/Data Privacy Bids Requests Ramos PE


Privacy is a recurrent topic when you decide to hire the Professional Service for the elaboration of proposals. Besides your own measures to assure confidentiality, we consider essential our own procedures:

  • Generate independent databases for each firm since first meeting; if client has its own analysis in “Opus” or compatible software, we start new database on that basis.
  • We do not take more than one client for same bid. First client asking for the service or signed contract regulars have exclusivity.
  • We are not employees of a construction company; however, we were once staff on the most important firms. We have signed confidentiality agreements so legally we cannot share or use information we possess. We use project specifications (which usually are unique) and our 20 year engineering experiences.

  • Proposals closing are client's individual decision. You can have electronic files ready to print or ask for databases and documents to be complete by yourself. Information exchange always goes through one person and collaborators do not share databases from other clients.

  • When a project requires several disciplines or engineers to elaborate a proposal, none of them will be familiar with closing offer. Those specialists can be client’s suppliers.

  • Submitting proposal documents in electronic file allows clients to analyze final offer considering discounts, profit, strategic materials, etc. within minutes.

Last update: March 22, 2012